Best Ski Boots for Men

Every expert skier knows how important getting the right pair of ski boots is when skiing. A pair of good ski boots makes a whole lot of difference when you are out in the snow. This is simply because it can improve your overall performance and prevent unnecessary injuries, among other things, thereby making your skiing expedition a successful one. Before we delve into detailed reviews of the top ski boots for men for the 2017-2018 season, here is the list of the best ski boots for men, and then we'll take a look at some of the most important things one has to know during the quest for the perfect pair.

Best Ski Boots for Men Comparison Guide

Whether you are buying your ski boots for the first time or you are an experienced skier who is replacing an old worn out pair of ski boots, following the tips below will help you get the most comfortable and well-fitting pair of ski boots in order to enjoy a smooth skiing experience.

Below are some of the important features in a ski boot that you need to take into consideration before getting that boot:

Vital Things to Consider when buying a ski boot

A good pair of ski boots should have a number of the following features, which should be some of the major factors you consider before purchasing your next pair of ski boots. These features are as follow:

  • Flex Adjustment: Today, a number of ski boots on the market come with a number of flex adjustment features. The Flex Adjustment is simply a mechanism that makes it very easy for a skier to alter the flex of the boot to suit his or her skiing ability or level.
  • Ski/Hike Feature: Many popular ski boot brands incorporate a Ski/Hike switch, which is often located on the rear spine. This mechanism allows the skier to easily switch from ski mode to walk or hike mode. This is a very important feature in the sense that when the skier finds himself in a situation or at a place where skiing isn’t possible such as when trekking uphill or touring. In such a situation, all the skier needs to do is switch to the Walk or Hike Mode and trek comfortably uphill in his ski boots.
  • Slip-resistant rubber soles: Some ski boots come with rubber soles that are slip resistant. Such slip-resistant soles have good traction and therefore have the capability of preventing the skier from slipping when he or she is walking or hiking on slippery surfaces such as ice and rocks.
  • Liners: The soft removable inner boot whose primary job is to insulate and protect the foot from the hard outer shell is what is referred to as the liner. As the skier keeps using the boot, the average liner compresses and takes the shape of his or her foot. There are different types of liners out there, including Custom Moldable liners which can be molded with artificial heat to form to the foot of the skier and Thermoformable liners which use the natural heat generated from the skier’s foot to achieve a customized fit. There is also another common type of liner called the Non-moldable liner. This liner is one that over time softens under the pressure of the skier’s weight and molds to the skier’s feet.
  • Cuff Adjustment: Another great thing that some ski boots come along with is the cuff adjustment feature, which allows for slight adjustments to be made to the cuff of the ski boot to suit the skier.

The features above not only make it more comfortable using your ski boots, but they also play a significant role in improving your performance.

Your skiing ability

Besides the features of the ski boot, another very important thing you must do before deciding which type of ski boot to buy is to know what type of skier you are (your skiing ability or level). There are roughly five levels of skiers. These levels are as follow:

  • Beginner: Any first time skier, who is now learning basic control of his or her skis, is said to fall into the category of a "Beginner Skier".
  • Intermediate: An intermediate skier is one that has learned to control his or her skis. Such a skier skis very carefully and with moderate speeds on challenging terrains.
  • Advanced Intermediate: An advanced intermediate skier is one who has good basic technique and skis comfortably and at moderate speeds on challenging terrains.
  • Advanced: Skiers who are able to ski at higher speeds on challenging terrains in most snow conditions fall into this bracket. Advanced skiers have solid technique, which they maintain from beginning to end.
  • Expert: As the name implies, an expert skier is one who has mastered the act of skiing to the point where he can ski at very high speeds on any type of terrain he finds himself on. Every professional skier falls within this bracket. A skier at this level has a very strong technique which enables him or her to ski aggressively and safely in any snow condition.

Having seen the various types of skiers we have, let us now see why it is important to know your skiing ability before going on to purchase your ski boots.

Why is it important to know your skill level or ability before getting a pair of ski boots?

It is very important because it helps you know the flex of ski boot that would suit you the most. A skier, who doesn’t know their skiing level or ability, increases their risk of ending up with the wrong.

What is the Flex of a Ski Boot?

The Flex of a ski boot is simply the amount of pressure needed to move and bend the boot. Boot flex is usually expressed by the use of a number ranging roughly from 50 to 130 called the flex index. The higher the flex index of a ski boot, the stiffer the boot’s outer shell is going to be and vice versa. Generally, ski boots with higher flex indexes (stiffer boots) are used by more experienced skiers. This is the reason why it is very important that you know your skiing ability level before purchasing any ski boot.

Men's Flex Rating

  • Beginner Level: Skier at this level needs a soft flex boot with a flex index of between 50 and 70.
  • Intermediate Level: Skier at this level will need a medium flex ski boot with a flex rating of between 70 and 90.
  • Advanced Intermediate Level: Skier at this level will use a medium or stiff flex ski boot with a flex rating of between 80 and 100.
  • Advanced Level: Skier with an advanced skiing ability will need a stiff flex ski boot with a flex rating of between 90 and 100.
  • Expert Level: An expert skier needs a stiff or very stiff flex ski boot with a flex rating of between 100 and 130.

Women’s Flex Rating

  • Beginner Level: 40 – 60 flex boot.
  • Intermediate Level: 60 – 70 flex boot.
  • Advanced Intermediate Level: 70 – 80 flex boot.
  • Advanced Level: 80 – 90 flex boot.
  • Expert Level: 90 – 110 flex boot.

Kids’ Flex Rating

  • Beginner Level: 30 – 50 flex boot.
  • Intermediate Level: 30 – 50 flex boot.
  • Advanced Intermediate Level: 40 – 60 flex boot.
  • Advanced Level: 60 – 70 flex boot.
  • Expert Level: 70 – 90 flex boot.

NOTE: It is imperative that readers know that just like shoe sizes vary from one manufacturer to another, so also do flex numbers vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Last Size

We cannot talk about ski boots without mentioning the phrase “last size”. In the world of ski boots, when you hear the word 'last', this simply refers to the width of the boot when it is measured at its widest point or the forefront.

Lasts are normally divided into three categories, namely narrow, medium and wide.

  • Narrow Last: As the name implies, a narrow lasted boot is one that has a narrow forefoot width that roughly measures between 97mm and 98mm. These types of boots are great for skiers who have narrow and low volume feet.
  • Average Last: These types of boots have a forefoot width that is in the neighborhood of 100mm and fit skiers that have average feet.
  • Wide Last: As the name implies, a wide lasted boot is one that has a forefoot width that roughly ranges from 102mm to 106mm. These boots are perfect for skiers who have wider and higher volume feet.

Now, that we have touched on some of the very important things that one needs to know before getting a pair of ski boots, let us now take a look at the list of the best ski boots for men currently on the market.



Apex Ski Boots MC-X Big Mountain Performance

Apex - a name you can trust to keep you safe on the slopes - has done it once again with the Apex Ski Boots MC-X Big Mountain Performance, designed especially for expert skiers who crave more adventurous, challenging terrains in their outings.

EVA Heat Moldable Inner Liner

If you prefer to heat mold your boots, the MC-X Big Mountain has you covered as it features the legendary EVA Heat Moldable Inner Liner that is designed to facilitate heat molding almost effortlessly in order to customize exactly to the size and shape of your foot.

Dual Boa Closure

The award-winning Dual Boa Closure lacing system that Apex incorporates in this boot allows the boot to fit you snugly, securely and comfortably, thereby making your skiing exercises a lot safer and more enjoyable.

Vibram ICETREK Outsoles

As the Boa closures keep your feet safe and secure internally, it's the job of the Vibram IceTrek Outsoles to keep you from slipping and falling on very slippery snowy and icy terrains you encounter on expeditions.

Adjustable Flex Arm

The Adjustable Flex Arm allows you to customize your forward lean to a point that fits your particular aspirations at the moment, along with the Tri-Level Flex Rating which gives you the ability to tailor the MC-X to give you the perfect flex.

Micro and Macro Adjustable Buckles

Apex left nothing to be desired in terms of fit and comfort when it comes to the MC-X. To further enhance the comfort of your foot, the boot comes engineered with micro and macro adjustable buckles, whose primary function is to ensure that your foot is snugly secure inside the boot.

>>> See Specifications & Read Customer Reviews on Amazon <<<


  • It easily customizes to the wearer's foot.
  • It offers great comfort to the wearer.
  • It allows you to walk sure-footed on any surface regardless of how slippery the surface might be.
  • Thanks to the Thinsulate it comes engineered with, the boot has the ability to keep your foot warm, even in the coldest of weather.  
  • It is backed by a warranty.


  • The boot's top chaises buckle tends to interfere with the tightening knob of the boot.  
  • Specifications

    • Ski gear intended use: All mountain
    • Skier ability range: Advanced intermediate – expert
    • Ski/Walk: No
    • Flex: Actual flex is 115
    • Flex adjustment: Flex can be adjusted
    • Width of forefoot: 105mm
    • Width of ski boot: 104-106mm
    • Cuff alignment: Single
    • Warranty: 1 year.

    Check price for Apex MC-X Big Mountain Performance on Amazon



    Scarpa Maestrale RS Ski Boot - Men's White/Orange/Blue 29

    When Scarpa designed the Maestrale RS Ski Boot they had the touring skier in mind.  This means that this boot not only features the strength and performance Scarpa boots are famous for, but it is also comfortable and suited to be worn continuously for hours.

    Air-Ventilated Cuff

    The cuff of the Scarpa Maestrale RS is designed to allow the free flow of air into the boot, thereby keeping the interior of the boot dry regardless of how long you wear it. This enhances the comfort of your foot like nobody's business.  

    EVO V-Frame

    The Scarpa Maestrale RS' cuff is also equipped with EVO's V-Frame technology that brings with it a number of advantages, most notably, increasing the stiffness of the boot. This greatly enhances your performance downhill.

    Intuition Liner

    The intuition liner the boot comes with exists primarily to enhance the comfort of the wearer while at the same time improving performance. And what's more, it is totally custom moldable.

    Ski/Walk Mechanism

    The brilliant ski/walk mechanism that the boot comes with allows the wearer to easily switch from ski mode to walk mode and vice versa.

    >>> See Specifications & Read Customer Reviews on Amazon <<<


    • It is very comfortable to wear.
    • It comes with a very useful ski/walk mechanism that is contained in a housing that is self lubricating.
    • It has a stouter power strap that makes adjustment very easy.
    • The buckles of the Scarpa Maestrale RS are easy to use thanks to their oversized construction.
    • With each pair of the Scarpa Maestrale RS weighing 3 pounds, 7 ounces, it is one of lightest ski boots in its category.
    • Ideal for the advanced ski tourer.


  • Not suitable for skiers who are at the Beginner or Intermediate levels.
  • Specifications

    • Material: Rubber
    • Buckles: 3
    • Last width: 101mm
    • Flex index: 125
    • Ski/walk: Yes
    • Boot flex: Extremely stiff
    • Skier ability level: Advanced - Expert

    Check price for Scarpa Maestrale RS on Amazon



    Dynafit TLT6 Mountain CR Ski Boot - Men's

    Dynafit is a brand that specializes in providing comfortable and well-fitting ski boots. The brand has worked diligently over the years in this regard, and their commitment to excellence in that regard is manifest in the Dynafit TLT6 Mountain CR Ski Boot.

    Custom Ready Liner

    One of the coolest features of the TLT6 is its custom ready liner that is not only heat moldable and enhances the stiffness of the flex of the boot, but also provides the wearer with some level of warmth thanks to the fact that the manufacturers decked it out with some insulation.

    Ultra-Lock System 2.0 Ski/Hike Mode

    The Ultra-Lock System provides for easy transitioning from skiing to hiking and vice versa. The user only need use the top buckle to take the boot in and out of ski mode.

    Ultra-Lock Power Strap

    This is one of the easiest-to-use locking mechanisms in the industry. This revolutionary power strap fastens or loosens with a single pull. Additionally, it enhances both comfort and performance by automatically closing the space between the shin and the tongue.

    Downhill Booster Tongue (Removable)

    Perhaps the most-outstanding feature of the TLT6 is its booster tongue, a feature that greatly enhances stiffness in order to make downhill descents more enjoyable. Aside this, this booster tongue is also easily removable so it doesn't interfere with you ascent.

    Claw Sole

    A ski boot isn't considered complete if it can't provide the skier with good traction on slippery terrain. The TLT6 comes complete with the Claw Sole feature. And as the name implies, this feature allows the sole of the boot to claw into slippery surfaces so slipping will not be an issue you'd have to deal with when climbing ice. Also, the Claw Sole is compatible with crampons.

    >>> See Specifications & Read Customer Reviews on Amazon <<<


    • The TLT6 is very comfortable to wear and provides your foot with warmth.
    • Wearing and removing it is very easy.
    • It has slip-resistant soles, which makes it easy to climb and walk in.  
    • It is brilliant for going downhill.
    • It has a quality and sturdy construction.
    • It is backed by a 2-year warranty.


  • The TLT6 would have been better if the flex wasn't a little bit too much.
  • Specifications

    • Skill Range: Advanced - Expert
    • Boot Flex: Medium
    • Last Width: 101mm
    • Buckles: 2
    • Warranty: 2 years warranty.

    Check price for Dynafit TLT6 Mountain CR on Amazon



    Rossignol Alias Sensor 120 Ski Boots Review

    If you are an advanced/expert skier with wider feet, then you might find the Rossignol Alias Sensor 120 Ski Boots to be excellent for you since they come with a flex index of 120 and a forefoot width of 104mm. The Rossignol Alias Sensor 120 is an extremely comfortable and sophisticated true all-mountain ski boot that has a whole lot of cool features purposely designed to tackle any terrain or snow conditions with ease while at the same time making your skiing experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

    Plastic Over Instep

    The boot comes with a soft plastic over instep that enables the skier to easily and comfortably get his or her feet into the boots.

    Sensor Fit Technology

    The Sensor fit technology that these boots come with plays an important role in taking care of a number of frequent problem fit areas and allows for an accommodating instep and a comfortable ankle area. Not only does this lead to great comfort, but it also aids in proper blood circulation and keeps the feet warm.

    4 Micro-Adjust Aluminum Diagonal Buckles

    This feature plays an important role in helping the skier achieve a precise fit. With this, the skier can easily fine tune the buckles in order to achieve a secure fit.

    In addition to the above, the skier also gets to enjoy 3-Position Quickset Adjustment and 3-Position Adjustment with the 4th and 3rd Buckles respectively.

    Neutral Stance

    The boot's neutral stance gives the skier a number of benefits including better balance, better control over their skis and prevents them from fatiguing quickly.

    Self-shaping tongue

    Only after using the boots a couple of times, its self-shaping tongue adapts to the shape of the skier's leg, thereby making it more comfortable to use the boots.

    >>> See Specifications & Read Customer Reviews on Amazon <<<


    • It is a durable all-mountain boot.
    • It offers the skier better balance and control over their skis.
    • Reduces the skier’s likelihood of getting fatigued.
    • Can easily be fine tuned to achieve a secure fit.
    • The boot is very easy to wear.
    • It comes with the power the skier needs to drive his skis.


    • The boot does not come with flex adjustment.
    • It also does not have Ski/Walk mode feature, which means it does not allow you to switch from ski mode to hike/walk mode.

    Additional Information

    • Last Width: 104
    • Flex: 120
    • Technology: SENSOR
    • Warranty: One year
    • Powerstrap Width: 40mm
    • Bootboard: PU
    • Shell Material: Polyether
    • Cuff Material: Polyether
    • Liner Technology: Sport Thermo Fit Plus
    • Liner Tongue: One-piece toe box
    • Buckles Material: 100 percent Aluminium
    • Buckles Adjustment: 4 Micro
    • Spoiler: Removable spoiler

    In addition to the above, the boot comes with adjustable canting that allows boots to be altered in line with the skier's legs.

    Check price for Rossignol Alias Sensor 120 on Amazon


    Full Tilt Men’s Descendant 4 Ski Boots Review

    If you are an intermediate skier with wider feet looking for a good pair of ski boots to speed down the slopes, then you might want to consider giving the Full Tilt Men’s Descendant 4 Ski Boots a try. The Full Tilt Men’s Descendant 4 Ski Boots is manufactured by Full Tilt (FT), a company that has been producing the ORIGINAL 3-PIECE ski boot design since 2006. The Descendant 4 comes with several great features which have contributed in earning it a spot in the list of the best ski boots currently on the market.

    Rigid Boot Board

    The boot comes with a Rigid Boot Board whose primary aim is to provide the skier with a firm layer in the shell's bottom. This not only helps in maximizing the boot’s responsiveness but it also maximizes its sensitivity on the snow.

    Adjustable Ladder Buckles

    The Descendant 4 comes with a durable and lightweight aluminum ladder buckles which has a micro twist that allows the skier to easily adjust them to his satisfaction.

    Moldable Liners

    The Descendant 4 has liners made with authentic Intuition® foam that uses the skier’s body heat to mold 100% to the skier’s foot shape as he uses the boot. Alternatively, the boot liners can quickly be heated in a matter of minutes in a special oven. The liners’ ability to mold 100% to the skier’s feet and shells allows for a secure and very comfortable fit.

    J-Bar Foam for Ankle Support

    The Descendant 4 comes with an additional piece of foam shaped like a “J” which can be found on the ankle area of the boot's interior. What this J-shaped foam does is it holds down the skier's ankle, thereby keeping his foot in place during the skiing process. This is very important in giving the skier precise control as he skis.

    Slip-resistant soles for walking

    One of the most common problems skiers face when walking or hiking in their ski boots is the problem of slipping. But with the Descendant 4, a skier doesn’t have to worry much about this problem since the boots come with natural replaceable slip-resistant rubber soles on the heel and toe solves.

    Prevents Shin-bang

    A shin-bang is that pain or discomfort that a skier feels in that part of his tibia or shinbone that makes regular contact with the tongue of his ski boot. But with the Descendant 4, a skier does not need to worry about suffering from shin-bang since the boot comes with a flexible 100% ribbed tongue that does not bottom out and allows for a smooth rebound, thereby saving the skier from experiencing the much dreaded shin-bang.

    >>> See Specifications & Read Customer Reviews on Amazon <<<


    • It is very comfortable.
    • Offers smooth rebound while at the same time preventing shin bang.
    • It has rubber soles that are slip-resistant.
    • Very easy to change the flex of the boot.
    • Light weight.
    • Easy to wear and take off.
    • Liners are able to mold 100% to the shape of the skier's feet.


    • Does not have a Ski/Walk Mode.
    • Has no flex adjustment.


    • Skier Ability Level: Beginner-Intermediate
    • Flex Index: 4 (based on Full Tilt’s simple scale of 1-10, with 10 being the stiffest)
    • Last Width: 102mm
    • Warranty: One year
    • Cuff Alignment: Single
    • Buckle Count: Three

    Check price for Full Tilt Men’s Descendant 4 on Amazon


    The Atomic Waymaker Carbon 130 Ski Boot Review

    Every avid skier knows how important using a very versatile boot is in the world of skiing. And one of the most versatile skiing boots you can get on the market is the Atomic Waymaker Carbon 130 Ski Boot from Atomic. With a flex index of 130 and a last width of 101mm, the Waymaker Carbon is an excellent alpine boot for aggressive and expert skiers who are looking for a precision performance oriented boot.

    Free/Lock Walk Mode

    The Waymaker Carbon 130 comes with a Free/Lock walk mode which has a lever that the skier can easily push up and down to switch from ski mode to walk mode. When the skier lifts the lever up, the cuff comes out of the shell, thereby making mobility more comfortable. When the lever is pushed back down, the cuff locks back and goes back into ski mode for skiing.

    Insulated Liner that keeps feet warm and responsive

    The Waymaker Carbon 130 comes with liners that have been insulated with 3M Thinsulate, whose main job is to keep the interior of the boots warm, thereby keeping the skier’s feet warm and responsive even in extremely cold conditions. This allows the skier to concentrate on skiing without worrying about frozen feet.

    Three Buckles that secure Feet

    This all-mountain ski boot comes with three aluminum buckles that wrap the skier’s feet securely and allow him to experience the best control in order to perform at his best. Many assume that a ski boot with a three buckle design might not have the capability to stabilize the foot as properly as one with a four buckle design. But this isn’t true. If you have a great fit in your boot, then a boot with a three buckle is capable of wrapping the skier’s feet just like the four buckle design can do. In addition to the three aluminum buckles properly securing your feet, they also offer a number of other advantages including putting less weight on the boots and allowing the skier to easily wear and remove the boot.

    Solid Traction

    The boot incorporates a DIN and Multi-Norm Chassis grip pads that provide the skier with a solid traction on very slippery surfaces such as rocks and icy walkways.

    >>> See Specifications & Read Customer Reviews on Amazon <<<


    • It is an excellent precision performance boot.
    • It comes with a ski/walk mode.
    • It allows the skier to enjoy maximum control and response.
    • The 3M Thinsulate Platinum insulation incorporated into it keeps the skier's feet warm and responsive regardless of how extremely cold the temperature gets.


    • It has no flex adjustment.


    • Skier Ability Level: Expert - Professional
    • Last Width: 101mm
    • Flex Index: 130
    • Shell Material: Polyurethane
    • Cuff Material: Polyurethane
    • Buckle Material: Aluminum
    • No of Buckles: Three
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Cuff Alignment: Single
    • Ski/Walk Mode: Yes
    • Flex Adjustment: No

    Check price for Atomic Waymaker Carbon 130 on Amazon


    Salomon Quest Pro 90 Ski Boots Men’s Review

    If you are an intermediate mountain skier looking for a lightweight yet extremely powerful ski boot for downhill skiing, then you might want to give the Salomon Quest Pro 90 Ski Boots Men’s a try. With a soft flex index of 90 and a great downhill performance, the Quest Pro 90 is widely regarded as one of the finest ski boots on the market for the intermediate skier.

    Ski/Walk Mechanism

    The boot comes with a ski/walk mechanism that can easily unlock the upper cuff from the lower shell in order to make it comfortable for the skier to hike or walk. When the skier is ready to ski, all he needs to do is simply convert it back to ski-mode.

    Extended Rubber Sole

    The boot has an extended rubber sole which makes it easier for the skier to walk.

    Waterproof gusset

    The boot comes with a waterproof PVC gusset, which is located between the forefoot hood and the overlap of the lower shell. The main job of the waterproof gusset is to prevent both snow and water from getting into the boot, thereby keeping the skier’s feet dry.

    My Custom Fit 3D Sport Liner

    The Quest Pro 90 incorporates My Custom Fit 3D Sport Liner, which has approximately 30% of material that is thermomoldable (thermoformable) by heat. The liner quickly molds to the skier’s feet and helps in speeding up the breaking in process.

    Velcro Power Strap

    There is a 35mm Velcro power strap on the top of the cuff of the Quest Pro 90 that performs the function of an additional buckle. When used properly, the power strap gives the skier a substantial amount of leverage to flex his boots.

    Backbone release

    The boot comes with a number of features that provide additional comfort to the skier. One such feature is the Backbone Technology, whose primary function is to allow for a good back support.

    35mm Strap

    This wide strap found on the Quest Pro 90 not only plays the important function of spreading out the force during the course of skiing but also reduces the pressure point on the skier’s upper shin, thereby allowing for comfort during the skiing process.

    24mm oversized pivot

    The Quest Pro 90’s oversized pivot, whose extraordinarily large nature gives it the ability of transferring power and energy from the skier’s boots to the edges of his skis by possessing a stronger and wider link between the lower shell and the upper cuff.

    >>> See Specifications & Read Customer Reviews on Amazon <<<


    • It offers the skier great comfort and protection.
    • Gives the skier great control and power.
    • The breaking in process is fast thanks to the My Custom Fit 3D Sport Liner.
    • It is light weight and comes with an excellent range of motion.
    • Can be easily switched to Walk Mode.


    • Doesn’t come with cuff alignment.


    • Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain
    • Forefoot Width: 100mm
    • Flex: 90
    • Flex Adjustment: Flex cannot be adjusted
    • Skill Level: Intermediate
    • Last width: 100
    • Buckle Count: 3
    • Cuff Alignment: Does not have cuff alignment
    • Ski/Walk: Can be switched from Ski-mode to Walk-mode and vice versa
    • Warranty: One year warranty

    Check price for Salomon Quest Pro 90 on Amazon


    Rossignol X-3 XC Ski Boots Mens Review

    The Rossignol X-3 XC Ski Boots Mens from Skis Rossignol S.A is a versatile recreational cross country ski boot that comes with numerous cool features that make it one of the most ideal ski boots for the recreational skier. With key features such as ergonomic lace covers, thermo-moldable liners, Velcro powerstrap, etc, the Rossignol X-3 is renowned for the great comfort and control that it offers the recreational skier as he speeds down the trails.

    Velcro Powerstrap

    The Rossignol X-3 comes with a Velcro powerstrap on top of its cuff that can be easily adjusted for enhanced stability and mobility. Additionally, the Velcro powerstrap also helps the skier control his skis better.

    Thermo-moldable fit

    The boot comes with a thermo-moldable fit that uses heat to mold to the shape of the skier’s feet, thereby making the boot more comfortable to use. The liners can easily be heat molded at the average ski shop.

    3D Molded External Heel Counter

    The X-3 has a 3-dimensional injection-molded heel counter which behaves differently from the flat molded heel counter that many outdoor footwear brands use in the sense that a 3D molded external heel counter has the ability to provide such vital supports as heel lock and motion control.

    Ergonomic Lace cover for warmth and comfort

    The Rossignol X-3 has external ergonomic lace covers that play important role of keeping out snow and moisture, thereby keeping the skier's feet warm and dry.


    • The manufacturers did a great job reinforcing the boot's heel, toe-box and midsole, which greatly enhances the entire durability of the boots.
    • Fantastic for recreational classic skiing.
    • Protects the feet against moisture, snow and cold.
    • Very comfortable to wear.


    • Free-Flex design
    • Cuff 3D Heel
    • External 3D
    • Sole T4
    • Zippered lace cover
    • 3D Molded External Heel Counter
    • 1 year warranty
    • The boot is compatible with the Rottefella® NNN (New Nordic Norm) bindings


    Scarpa Freedom SL Freeride Ski Boots Review

    Whether you are going to be skiing at a resort or on a huge mountain, the award-winning Scarpa Freedom SL Freeride Ski boots has the potential to greatly enhance both your comfort and performance in any terrain the expert skier finds himself thanks to its numerous important features such as the Patented Ride Power Block, the patented carbon core construction and the Adjustable Spoiler.

    Adjustable Spoiler

    The boot comes with an adjustable spoiler that is fastened to the back of the liner. By moving the spoiler either up or down, the skier dials in the comfort and control.

    Intuition FR Speed

    The boot comes with moldable Intuition FR Speed liners that enhance the comfort and performance of the skier.

    Carbon Core Construction

    The Scarpa Freedom SL Freeride comes with a patented carbon core construction whose primary job is to enhance both power transmission and stiffness. The cool thing about the carbon core construction is that it performs its job effectively without making the boot bulky in the process.

    Patented Ride Power Block

    The Freedom Freeride ski boot comes with the renowned patented Ride Power Block which gives the skier a friction-free 27 degrees range of motion as the skier makes it uphill. In addition to that, the Ride Power Block enables the expert skier to enjoy maximum power as he makes his way downhill.

    Interchangeable soles

    The boot comes with interchangeable soles that are compatible with all kinds of ski bindings such as tech and alpine bindings.

    >>> See Specifications & Read Customer Reviews on Amazon <<<


    • It is a very versatile and light ski boot.
    • Provides the skier with warmth and comfort throughout the day.
    • It is compatible with any ski binding.
    • Provides strong support.
    • It has excellent walk ergonomics.
    • Offers the skier with extreme power on the downhill.
    • Comes with interchangeable soles.


    • Does not have an adjustable flex, which essentially means the skier cannot adjust the flex to suit himself.


    • Flex Index: 110
    • Range of Motion: 27 degrees
    • Last Width: 101mm
    • Skier Ability Level: Expert skier
    • Available Sizes: 24.5 – 31

    Check price for Scarpa Freedom SL Freeride on Amazon


    Rossignol Evo 90 Ski Boots Mens Review

    The Rossignol EVO 90 Ski Boots is another great skiing boot from Rossignol. This excellent 3-buckle alpine boot comes with a flex index of 90, which makes it ideal for beginner to intermediate skiers with wider feet. With important features such as the renowned Sensor Fit Technology, an asymmetrical toe box, a contoured forefoot and a machined PU liner, the EVO 90 is capable of ensuring the utmost comfort of the skier’s feet without compromising performance.

    Sensor Fit Technology

    The EVO 90 comes with Rossignol’s renowned Sensor Fit Technology that is responsible for giving the skier a very comfortable ankle area and an open instep for an enhanced comfort and normal blood circulation in the feet.

    Machined PU Liner

    The Machined PU Liner comes with a generous amount of padding and insulation to provide the skier with warmth and support for all day fun on the mountain.

    Asymmetrical Toe Box

    The EVO 90 incorporates a very effective asymmetrical toe box to match the curve the skier's foot in order to maximize the comfort of the skier and prevent injury.

    Easy Closure System

    The EVO 90 comes with a simple but very extremely effective closure system by combining an XL power-strap and an extra-wide cuff buckle which make it very easy for the skier to tighten and loosen the boots (even while wearing gloves).

    >>> See Specifications & Read Customer Reviews on Amazon <<<


    • The EVO 90 is one of the lightest alpine boots currently on the market.
    • With a flex rating of 90, it is excellent for intermediate skiers.
    • With a 104mm "wide" fit, the EVO 90 maintains a strong asymmetrical toe box, a contoured forefoot and a strong heel cup, which all come together to greatly enhance the comfort of the skier.
    • Offers good control and rebound as you speed downhill.


    • The boot does not come with a walking or hiking mode feature.
    • Has no flex adjustment, which essentially means you cannot adjust the flex.


    • The EVO 90 has a Flex Rating of 90 and a Last Width of 104.
    • Intended Use: All-Mountain
    • Skier Ability Level: Beginner to intermediate skier
    • Available Sizes: 24.5 to 31.5
    • Warranty: The boots come with a one year warranty


    • Material: Polyolefine
    • Technology: SENSOR
    • Bootboard: PU


    • Technology: Comfort Fit
    • Powerstrap Width: 40mm
    • Tongue: One-Piece Toe Box


    • Technology: Diagonal Buckle on Shell
    • Adjustment: 3 Micro Aluminum
    • Material: 100 percent Aluminum
    • Extra Function: 7 Teeth on Cuff

    Check price for Rossignol Evo 90 on Amazon


    Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boots Men’s Review

    The Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boot is an excellent boot for a beginner skier, especially one who possesses a medium to wide shaft of the leg and a medium to wide feet or forefoot. The EVO 70 has a number of features that keep the skier's feet secured and comfortable throughout the day. If you are a novice skier looking for everything from power to control to comfort, then the Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boot, with its flex rating of 70, is an excellent choice.

    Sensor Fit Technology

    The EVO 70 incorporates the renowned Sensor Fit Technology, which is primarily responsible for enhancing the comfort of the skier by providing a comfortable ankle area as well as an accommodating instep. Thanks to this feature, the skier does not only enjoy great comfort and warmth while wearing the boots but also gets to enjoy the proper circulation of blood in the feet.

    Machined PU Liner

    The EVO 70 incorporates the Machined PU liner that ensures that the skier's feet are kept warm all day thanks to its insulation and padding.

    XL Power-Strap and Extra-Wide Cuff Buckle

    When a skier wears the EVO 70, he can be rest assured that his feet are securely stabilized thanks to the XL power-strap and extra-wide cuff buckle that the EVO 70 comes with. In addition to that, the power-strap and cuff buckle also make it very easy and comfortable for the skier to wear or remove the boot.

    >>> See Specifications & Read Customer Reviews on Amazon <<<


    • It securely stabilizes the wearer’s feet.
    • The boot is easy to wear and remove.
    • Offers the skier great support and comfort.
    • It is durable and light.
    • Excellent for an aspiring intermediate skier


    • Does not come with flex adjustment, which means the flex of the boot cannot be changed.
    • Has no cuff alignment.
    • Skier would find it very challenging walking in the boots since they do not have a Walk Mode.


    • Ski boot intended use: All Mountain
    • Flex Index: 70
    • Forefoot Width: 104mm
    • Skier Ability Level: Novice or beginner skier
    • Available Sizes: 24.5 to 33.5
    • Warranty: The boots come with a one year warranty


    • Material: Polyolefine
    • Bootboard: PU
    • Technology: SENSOR


    • Material: Polyolefine


    • Technology: Comfort Fit
    • Tongue: One-Piece Toe Box
    • Powerstrap Width: 40mm


    • Technology: Diagonal Buckles on shell
    • Adjustment: 3 Micro
    • Material: 100 percent Aluminum
    • Extra Function: 7 Teeth on Cuff

    Check price for Rossignol Evo 70 on Amazon


    Important Things to Consider When Buying a Ski Boot

    So there we are with the list of the best ski boots for men currently on the market. Buying a good pair of ski boots can sometimes be quite a daunting process since the market is flooded with numerous brands, each fighting for the attention of the buyer. But we hope with the list above coupled with the rest of the information in this article, would not only guide you to buying the best pair of boots but also contribute to the overall success of your skiing venture.

    It is important that you know that you do yourself a great disservice when you wear the wrong pair of boots when skiing. Skiing with the right pair of boots comes with numerous advantages, including making the skiing experience more comfortable and keeping you the skier safe from numerous preventable injuries.

    Ski Boots FAQs

    Q. Why do beginners need soft flexing ski boots?

    A. The reason why it is important that a beginner skier use a soft flexing boot is simply because he or she doesn't have the balance and control of an advanced or expert skier, so the soft flex helps him or her to always remain centered right in the middle of the skis. If the boots are too stiff, that can easily cause the beginner skier to keep leaning back because of his or her lack of balance to stay centered.

    Q. Should I wear thin or thick socks?

    A. New ski boots come with padded liners that not only cushion your feet but insulate them at the same time. As a result of this, it is not really advisable to choose thick socks over thin ones since thick socks will make the ski boot very tight for you and restrict the smooth flow of blood and make the feet colder, thereby causing you great discomfort as you ski.

    Q. How important is the help of a professional boot fitter?

    A. It is highly recommended that you seek the help and advice of a professional boot fitter if you find yourself in a situation where you are experiencing challenges getting the perfect fitting ski boots. The professional boot fitter will not only help you get boots that fit your feet well but will also help you make the necessary adjustments to your boots in order to make your skiing experience as comfortable and safe as possible.

    Q. How should a ski boot that is perfect for you feel when you first wear it?

    A. Many experts agree that a well-fitting boot should make your foot feel snug, as though the foot is being squeezed. If you wear a ski boot for the first time and it feels perfectly comfortable such that it has sufficient room for your toes to wiggle, then this means the boots are too big for you. The reason is simply because with time, the liners in the boots will warm up, become soft, form to the shape of your foot and start compressing, thereby giving your feet more room. This is why the experts advise that you do not panic when your new boots feel tight because with time the warming up and compression of the liner is going to give your foot more room.

    Q. Why is it that in the world of skiing it is a bad idea exaggerating or stretching your skiing ability?

    A. In skiing, being honest is one of the best things you can do for yourself. When you lie or exaggerate your skiing ability level, it becomes so easy for you to end up with boots that are not meant for you since the boot fitter will sell you boots based on what you tell him or her. Using ski boots that are not meant for you will not only make it difficult for you to progress but it can also create great discomfort for you when skiing.

    Q. What is the right clothing for skiing?

    A. When going skiing, you should wear trousers that are loose. These trousers should be such that you can easily roll them up to your knees. This means that you should never try going for a ski wearing a skinny jeans! In addition to wearing loose trousers, you should also wear a pair of thin socks that reach your knees.

    Q. How are ski boots measured?

    A. Ski boots are measured using a scale called Mondopoint. A person's Mondo Point size is simply the length of his or her foot in centimeters. Check out our mondo size chart that will help you convert your regular shoe size to mondopoint metric system.

    How to measure the size of your foot in order to get the best fitting boots

    In order to properly measure the size of your foot at home, you should follow the simple steps below:

    1. Place a piece of paper that is bigger than your foot on the floor and make sure the paper is against a wall.
    2. Stand on the piece of paper making sure your heels and back are joined the wall.
    3. Use a pen or pencil to trace the outline of your foot. If you find it difficult doing this, you can seek the help of a friend. But more often than not, a lot of people have no problem doing this by themselves.
    4. Use the ruler to take the measurement of the length of your foot from the back of your heel to the longest toe.
    5. You should also measure the length of your foot across its widest part, which is for many people across the ball of the foot.

    NOTE: It is advisable to take the measurements of both feet and using the bigger of the two measurements.

    Tips for taking care of your Ski Boots

    As a result of the fact that ski boots go through a lot of abuse, it is very important that you take proper care of them in order to make them last longer and perform their jobs very well. Below are some great tips for taking care of your ski boots.

    • Each time you use the boots, make sure you remove the liners from the boots and dry them thoroughly. You can also wash the liners with a mild soap before going ahead to dry them. The purpose of this is to get rid of any moisture in the boots to prevent foul odors from building up in the boots. If your ski boots do not have removable liners, then you can solve the moisture buildup problem by crunching some old newspaper and stuffing it into the boots. This will help in absorbing any moisture within the boots. Alternatively, you can use a good boot dryer to dry the boots if you don't have the time to do it manually.
    • In addition to cleaning and drying the liners, you should also clean and dry the inside of the shells of your boots after each use in order to prevent mold from growing there.
    • After each use, clean the exterior of the boots with a damp washcloth. There are certain parts of the boot such as between the buckles which are a little bit difficult to clean with a washcloth. Such places should be cleaned with a toothbrush in order to remove all debris and dirt stuck there.
    • After cleaning and drying your boots thoroughly, you should store them in a warm, dry environment. It is never advisable to store your ski boots in a place such as a closed storage container since this can easily make your boots to develop a foul odor and develop moulds.

    Doing the simple things mentioned above can significantly increase the lifespan of your ski boots and keep them performing at optimum level all the time.

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